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Transforming everyday table settings into something creative and artistic is our trademark!

Table décor can be casual, formal, business-like, joyful, intimate, or whimsical.

At Table Artistry we design and create distinctive table numbers, escort (table seating) cards, menus and place cards.
We add artistic napkin folds + napkin rings to produce a tasteful yet exciting WOW! factor. And we gift wrap event favors for weddings,
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate meetings, other occasions.

Our non-floral centerpieces add a distinctive, personalized touch. These are complemented by artistic votives and votive candle holders.
Our aim is to create tabletop decor that is coordinated and elegant yet not overdone. Themes are great to work with and add pizzazz.
If a couple or host is passionate about art, music, cooking, seashells, animals, biking, golf or wine, we can layer the party with details
focused on that particular interest.